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21-Jan-2016 05:57

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Almost every dating site lets you create a dating profile for free, (even lets you browse profiles for free), so make use of it.Maybe you’ll see that one woman used a quote in her headline that you thought was clever and would attract a guy, or maybe you’ll notice another woman posted a video of herself instead of just photos.

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Decide which 1 or 2 resonate most with you, and make it your own. This second Okcupid profile question is best pumped up for the average joe's, and downplayed for you high achievers.

In choosing an angle, focus on your best qualities. Consider the highlights of your life so far; Did you found a startup? Keep it short n’ sweet, with no more than a few sentences, or a paragraph at the most.

This question is really an opportunity to show off a bit. So for example, rather than say It doesn't reveal anything about who you are or what you've accomplished, and does you the disservice of making you a cliché. If you truly hate your job, at least put a sarcastic spin on the situation.

It’s not really a secret, it’s just common sense, but most people don’t do it.

That means that if you do, you’ll have an advantage over the rest of the online dating hordes.I know, that’s a bold statement and I’ve got no concrete facts or statistics to back it up.