Fired event rowupdating which wasnt handled

07-Apr-2016 16:38

" You are trying with a command name of Delete for your delete button.

I have a Gridview on an ASP page bound to an SQL table.

Now we can start to write our codes for editing and updating the information in the Grid View.

fired event rowupdating which wasnt handled-11

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After making this change the page now throws the following error when the user makes changes and clicks the update button: I have read many threads on similair problems but I can't seem to find a solution to my error. Here's the Code: Public Class Input Inherits System.

Generic ' library Protected Sub grd Employees_Page Index Changing1(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. This class had several public properties of type Integer. I replaced their type with a string instead to bypass the casting issue.

I have a set of records that are returned from SQL Server and what I was doing is binding them to a POCO.

ı have been traying to create dynamic control panel using webusercontrol , delegate,and ADO.

fired event rowupdating which wasnt handled-53

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Even ı have write the delegate for deleting and editing ı faced with "The Grid View 'Grid View1' fired event Row Deleting which wasn't handled."problem . Page { Category Resposite _category Resposite=new Category Resposite(); protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) void Control Panel_Row Sawing(object sender, Grid Event Args e) void Control Panel_Row Deleting(object sender, Grid Event Args e) The code that you have posted is incomplete (missing the aspx file code), from your description of the problem it sounds as though you have not assigned the Row Deleting event to Grid View1.

You need to change the command argument from Delete to something else like Delete_Product or whatever...

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